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Below you’ll find links to all of my best loved kitchen tools and equipment, including pantry staples, cookware, appliances and more. These are the tools and ingredients I use every day and couldn’t be without. Happy Shopping!


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a few favorites

French Market Tote

Medina Mercantile French Market Basket with Double Handles

A handwoven bag that is both chic and practical…what more could a girl ask for? The flat bottom makes it perfect for stashing groceries and produce.

Mason Cash Breakfast Set

Typhoon Homewares Mason Cash Forest Breakfast Set

This set contains a teapot, creamer, sugar pot and butter dish all embossed with a woodland pattern inspired by 19th century folktales.

Collapsible to-go cups

Stojo Collapsible To-Go Cup (Set of 2)  - Carnation

These collapsible to-go cups make being eco-friendly chic and easy. Safe for hot and cold drinks, they collapse down for easy transport and even come w/ a straw.


Silicone Straw Set

GIR - Five Two Five Two Silicone Straws

You’ll never waste another plastic straw again. Easy to clean and a pleasure to sip from. They even come with their very own carrying case.

Vintage French dishes

The Food52 Vintage Shop Vintage French Transferware Serving Dish

These vintage French plates have won my heart with their elegance. Perfect for appetizers or even a catch all for jewelry, they are too pretty not to use.

Vintage servers

The Food52 Vintage Shop Vintage French Silver Pie Server

If you’re going to have cake, you should serve it with one of these gorgeous vintage servers. These also make the perfect gift for those who love to host.


Pantry Staples

almond flour

Almond flour is my go-to for giving cakes and muffins moistness and an open texture, as well as adding healthy monounsaturated fats, proteins and fiber.

buckwheat flour

This light colored flour from hulled buckwheat adds chewy texture, nutty flavor and a delicate crumb to bakes, delicious in cakes, muffins or GF breads.

brown rice flour

This neutral tasting flour lends a sandy quality perfect for cookies. I combine it 50-50 with almond flour as my go-to flour substitute for cakes and muffins.


chickpea flour

I use chickpea flour for making GF crepes, flatbreads and pizza crusts or in classic batters for things like onion bhaji, fritters or savory pancakes.

coconut oil

Coconut oil is a perfect plant-based substitute for butter and its high smoke point makes it perfect for high-heat cooking and baking.

coconut sugar

Coconut sugar is my go-to sweetener as it has a low GI rating, is packed with nutrients and has a delicious, caramel-toffee flavor well-suited for most bakes.




Breville food processor

This professional-quality machine comes with all the bells and whistles, but it’s the powerful motor that I love, handling any task (even nut butter!) I throw at it.

Vitamix blender

The Vitamix is an investment, but I’ve had mine for over 15 years and it’s still going strong. Worth every penny for all your blending needs.

kitchen aid stand mixer

While not essential, a stand mixer is a wonderful luxury in the kitchen if you love to bake, saving precious time. Plus, it just looks so beautiful on the counter.




Chef's knife

This Japanese chef’s knife is incredibly sharp, feels comfortable and light in the hand and its design prevents starchy vegetables from sticking to the blade.

paring knife

This ergonomic paring knife is what I turn to for more delicate tasks like cleaning, peeling and cutting smaller sized fruits and vegetables.

bread knife

This is my go-to for slicing crusty breads, delicate tomatoes and other items that have tough exteriors but are soft and delicate on the inside.




cast iron dutch oven

Milo Food52 x Milo Cast Iron Cookware - Food52 White & Brass , Dutch Oven, 5.5QT

A good Dutch oven is great for slow-cooking soups and stews and is also fantastic for baking bread, mimicking a steam oven for creating crusty loaves.

Cast iron skillet

Milo Food52 x Milo Cast Iron Cookware - Food52 White & Brass , Cast Iron Fry Pan

I love my cast iron pans and find that food just tastes better cooked in them. This one is seasoned and easy to wash with a glossy enamel exterior.

Greenpan 11 piece set

GreenPan Valencia Nonstick 11-Piece Cookware Set (+ Bonus Pan Protectors)

This 11-piece set covers all the bases and the all-natural ceramic non-stick coating means they will never release toxic fumes or chemicals into your food.




Staub baking dish set

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Staub Matte Ceramic Oval Baking Dish - Matte White, Set of 2

I love these baking dishes for casseroles and roasting vegetables and find they are pretty enough to bring straight to the table for serving from.

mason cash mixing bowl

Typhoon Homewares Mason Cash Cane Mixing Bowls - Cream, Mixed (Set of 3)

I now own about five of these ceramic bowls in all different sizes. They are beautiful and durable and have a timeless, classic charm.

Nordic ware gold non-stick set

Nordic Ware Gold Nonstick Baking Sheet Sets - Half Sheets (Set of 2)

These golden baking sheets look striking, but they aren’t just for looks; they happen to be non-stick and extremely durable.


tart pan

Nordic Ware Mint Quiche & Tarte Pan

A good tart pan is essential and I use mine at least once a week for making tarts both sweet and savory. This one is easy to clean, cooks evenly & non-stick.

Dough scraper

Lamson Dough Scraper with Walnut Handle

Having one of these hanging around will make cutting, manipulating and cleaning up dough so much easier. An essential tool for any serious baker.

silicone baking mat

GIR Silicone Baking Mats - Variety (Set of 2)

Investing in a few good silpats will save you a fortune in baking parchment. Great for roasting vegetables, cookies, scones, you name it. Easy to clean.


digital scale

Weighing ingredients rather than measuring by volume is so much more accurate and far easier when you get in the hang of it. I use my scale everyday.

springform cake tin

I prefer baking cakes in springform pans as removing the sides is such a breeze and I don’t need to worry about inverting delicate cakes to get them out.


A good digital thermometer takes the anxiety out of so many kitchen projects, particularly bread baking. I also use mine for getting the right brew temp for tea.





When it comes to making interesting salads or slaws with identical paper thin cuts, a mandoline is essential and makes easy work of vegetable prep.


My life was forever changed when I discovered zucchini noodles (or “zoodles”). So much fun for making your own vegetable pastas.

speed peeler

A simple tool I couldn’t be without. Whether peeling potatoes or cutting thin strips of asparagus or carrot for a salad, I use my speed peeler every day.


silicone baking tools


Silicone is naturally non-stick and I love that this set included all the tools I actually need and use, especially the spatula for scraping out bowls.

fish spatula

I’ve never used this for turning fish, but it works a charm for flipping delicate pancakes, wedging under cookies or dislodging anything stuck to a pan.

microplane zester

Whether you use this for zesting citrus, grating ginger or hard cheeses like parmesan, this little tool enables the addition of so much flavor to your meals.



Currently cooking from


Whether I’m cooking for a family or a big group of friends, this book is filled with beautiful, flavor packed salads that never fail to impress. I’ve loved every single recipe I’ve made so far.

The Joyful home cook

While not vegetarian, this is a beautiful cookbook filled with warmth, inspiring recipes and kitchen wisdom that make you feel like Rosie has invited you into her kitchen. Truly joyful.

Love, Bake, Nourish

This is a beautiful book filled with delicious cakes made using healthy, seasonal ingredients. Using unrefined sweeteners and whole grains, her cakes leave you feeling as good as they taste.